Mexico or (drug) bust

Mexico or (drug) bust

Jessica Lentz

Jessica Lentz and boyfriend Donald Dandro vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in December 2011

Jessican Lentz and Jessica Lentz

Inside the federal zones were street sellers persistently asking to take you on excursions everywhere in Mexico. We walked the streets and not one police vehicle passed by, but a military tank, a truck full of soldiers with machine guns, and a .50-caliber were glaring at us.

It was my first time outside the United States, and the destination was Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Before I left on my seven-day cruise I excitedly told people about my soon-to-be trip, and most of them said, “Be very careful,” as if I was vacationing in Guantanamo Bay.

Although people back in California warned me with caution about all the bad things that happen in Mexico, I did not once feel threatened or afraid for my safety. Despite the violent murders because of the drug war and corrupt authority, I thought Mexico was a wonderful place to vacation. The people there are really kind, and they want you to have a great time.

Statistics and media coverage indicate that Mexico’s rising violence might keep some tourists from vacationing there. However, increasing numbers of tourists are traveling to Mexico. According to The Los Angeles Times, “The number of foreign travelers arriving by air in 2011 rose to 22.7 million.” The tourism industry is on the rise, even though robberies and murders are occurring every day.

There are certain areas that are more dangerous than other areas, such as Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez, which are border cities that get a great deal of traffic.

Besides, I was not afraid to vacation in Mexico because no matter where you go, whether it’s Europe or South America, bad things can happen at any moment in time. Walking around the streets of Mexico, I was not afraid for my safety and the majority of the people greeted me with a welcoming smile.

While on my vacation, I noticed that the American dollar is important to the Mexican culture. Visitors will spend a lot of money on drinks, and they make sure you have a drink in hand at all times. When too much alcohol is involved, people are not thinking clearly and bad things can happen.

Above all the frightening stories you hear through media, there’s no need to live in fear and be insecure of something that has not even happened. Once you see the clear blue ocean water and wild dolphins you will think otherwise.


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