Graffiti of a hate symbol found at American River College Main Campus

A bathroom in the science area was locked until the graffiti could be removed


On Aug. 30, a hate symbol was found at the American River College Main Campus on a wall of a bathroom. (Photo by Lorraine Barron)

On the evening of Aug. 30, a bathroom in the science area of the American River College campus was marked with a swastika, according to the Los Rios Police Department. 

Campus staff action was taken to lock the restroom. The graffiti was then reported to the LRPD. Campus operations staff have since removed the graffiti and the bathroom has reopened. 

According to a joint statement released by ARC, the individual who came forward to notify ARC is being commended. Scott Crow, ARC’s public information officer, did not offer any further information on the location of the incident. 

A joint statement was released in an email sent to faculty and students by Melanie Dixon, president, Frank Kobayashi, vice president of instruction, Jeff Stephenson, vice president of student services, Koue Vang, vice president of administration, B.J. Snowden, associate vice president of equity, institutional effectiveness and innovation.;

“We reaffirm our unwavering commitment: hate has no home at American River College, we stand in solidarity and support with the Jewish members of the Beaver family and the broader community,” the statement said. “We are always stronger together when we are united in our common pursuit of equity and justice.”

The statement also acknowledged the impact such hate symbols can have.

“We know some members of our community may be hurting, anxious or fearful as a result of the situation,” the statement said. “We encourage students to take advantage of the 24/7 telehealth services offered by TimelyCare or the resources offered by the Los Rios Center for Mental Health and Wellness. Employees are encouraged to utilize the resources provided by our Employee Assistance Program or your healthcare provider.”

According to the Daily Democrat, a hate symbol was also found at the U.C. Davis campus, hung over the Blue Ridge Road Bikeway and Highway 113 overpass on Aug. 20.

If anyone has information about the incident at ARC, they are encouraged to call the LRPD at (916) 558-2221.