Beaver Cares provides resource services to support ARC students

Food Distributions on campus will be made available monthly starting in February


The American River Food Pantry, pictured here Aug. 27, 2019, stacks food, waiting to be handed out to students and teachers who have come. Beaver Cares is bringing back monthly food distributions to students starting on Feb. 8, 2022, as well as housing, clothes, and other basic essential amenities.(File Photo)

Although operations are now limited, Beaver Cares is making a comeback necessary to help out students in need of their services or can provide according to the information posted on the group’s website. 

With the American River College campus closed due to COVID-19, students who rely on resources from the school are short-handed. Beaver Cares offers food distributions, housing opportunities, and personal assistance resources to students of American River College.

For food resources, students can look for a monthly distribution through the Beaver Food Pantry located near the Portable Village on campus. Beaver Cares will offer two distributions this month on February 8 and 22 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sign-ups can be found through a Google form on the food distribution page. George Hillman, the student personnel assistant of Beaver Cares, says its operations are ready to provide support to students needing services such as adequate food access. 

“We in the Beavers Cares department are happy and proud to provide a stocked food pantry and the diaper pantry well underway,” Hillman said in an email to the Current. “We hope to see many students at our door.” 

Other places for food can be found through signing up for CalFresh for assistance or through community food pantries in and around the area daily.

Housing resources is another outlet that Beaver Cares helps with and provides referrals for low-income housing and rental programs. They will also be releasing a roommate board soon to allow students to find housing amongst other students looking for another tenant. 

“The Beaver Food Pantry is a place where American River College students can get support with food and other basic essentials,” according to the information posted on their website. “We collaborate with local food banks and community agencies to connect students to food and other free or low-cost resources (housing, technology, mental health resources, medical health, etc),” 

Beaver Cares also partners up with assistance programs such as Sacramento Family Services to help with basic essentials. Sacramento Family Services offers grocery gift cards, baby essentials, book vouchers, clothing, and household items to students who apply. The “Money Matters” program is also offered by Beaver Cares to teach better financial and lifestyle skills. 

Beaver Cares also provides a Sacramento Community Resources document that lists outside sources for students in need throughout Sacramento. The document shows available places for shelter, motel vouchers, housing, meals, food banks, and mental health services located here.

For any questions or additional information on where to apply for assistance, visit the Beaver Cares website