Virtual Tutoring Center open for spring semester

Students can get free tutoring for a variety of subjects


The virtual portion of the Learning Resource Center at American River College allows students to get free tutoring during off-campus learning in spring 2021. (Photo courtesy of Scott Crow)

The Learning Resource Center is now offering free tutoring through its virtual counterpart of the Tutorial Center, which is free for all American River College students.

Fourteen subjects are being offered for tutoring, ranging from math to business to sociology and covering more than 50 courses.

Professors may also recommend a student to become a tutor, and the center hires these tutors every semester, according to the ARC website.

“Students interested in being a tutor need to have taken the LRC 300 course and get at least a B grade and be enrolled in at least six credits on campus,” LRC tutoring coordinator Raja Bhattar said in an email. “For more information contact t[email protected].”

In order to participate in the programs, students will need to enroll in LRC 1000, which is free and does not earn credits.

Due to the campus shut down last March, the LRC transitioned its services to a format that can work in a virtual environment.

“In the fall 2020 semester, we offered over 500 hours of virtual tutoring for students,” Bhattar said. “We are excited to offer a new and improved tutoring platform this semester that makes getting free tutoring even easier.”

Each tutor’s individual schedule is listed under their name; the center itself operates Monday through Friday from noon to 6 p.m.

“Tutoring is open for any ARC student who is striving for that A+ or who are taking that dreaded tough class they have been worried about,” Bhattar said. “We are here for all types of students.”

If students need help with logging onto their tutoring appointments or any other questions, a Zoom help chat is available on the tutoring website to address any problems.

Bhattar is also available to answer any questions about the program and if any problems occur.

The program also has a tech support instructional assistant, Nicole Moise, who can help with any technical difficulties.

Tutorial Center clerks are also available if you need any additional help.

“I help students by answering general questions regarding virtual tutoring such as finding the right tutor or course, scheduling appointments or showing students how to make the appointment themselves,” clerk Asia Jones said.

Interested students can visit the center’s page on the ARC website to schedule an appointment for the subject they need help in or look for available tutors for drop-in sessions.