LRCCD announces spring 2021 will be held online

Classes will remain online for third semester in a row

With public health guidelines likely to remain the same into 2021, the Los Rios Community College District announced in an email that went out on Sept. 16 the spring semester will continue to operate remotely. (Illustration courtesy of

Thomas Cathey, Managing Editor

In an email sent out to faculty and staff of the Los Rios Community College District on Wednesday, LRCCD Chancellor Brian King announced that classes will be held online during the 2021 spring semester.

“There are few indications that public health dynamics will change dramatically in the next several months, so the spring 2021 semester will again be fully online with only limited exceptions for programs that train first responders or those in areas that have an urgent and significant health and safety impact on our communities,” King wrote in the email.

King went on to state that he wanted to give faculty, staff and students as much time as possible to prepare for another virtual semester.

“Students, faculty, and staff are asking for, and deserve, as much certainty as possible regarding the status of the upcoming term,” King continued. “By making this announcement now, it allows us to actively plan for how to best continue serving students in this online and remote environment.”

The email also states that the status of fall 2021 is currently unknown, but similar to this year, the enrollment process of the summer and fall will be “decoupled” the following year as well. This would allow for “more time to assess all health and safety considerations including, importantly, the timeline for widespread availability of a potential COVID-19 vaccine,” according to the statement.

More information on the status of summer and fall 2021 semesters is expected early next year, according to King.