LRCCD implements updated procedure for classes transitioning online

ARC reveals plan for classes that are unable to move online

The Virtual Transfer Week webpage has an hour-by-hour schedule of the different workshops offered throughout the week. (Photo courtesy of

With the Los Rios Community College District making its transition to online classes because of the coronavirus outbreak, the administration has posted a detailed plan to its  website for procedures during the lockdown, all current resources and answers regarding the district’s plan for the coronavirus pandemic can be found on the district website under “Health and Safety”. 

According to the site, all classes that were unable to move online will appear as an “excused withdrawal” or EW on students’ transcripts.

American River College Public Information Officer Scott Crow quoted the district website on excused withdrawals in an email to the Current.

“Excused Withdrawals may show up on a student’s transcript, but there are no negative implications for GPA/academic progress, transfer and we expect that there will be no negative implications for future financial aid,” Crow said. “Any students who submitted a withdrawal petition on or after March 12 will get an EW.”

Alternatively, students can decide to request an excused withdrawal if they are unable to continue a class online by dropping the class in eServices.

“To get an Excused Withdrawal (EW), students will log in to eServices and follow the normal withdrawal process by clicking ‘Manage Classes’, then ‘Drop Classes’, and selecting the classes the student would like to drop from the college(s) the student is attending,” according to the Los Rios District website.

The class will temporarily be listed as a withdrawal or W but will later be converted into an excused withdrawal, according to the Los Rios Community College District.

The official deadline for excused withdrawals is May 20 in order to apply for a refund.