Campus community battles for parking amidst construction


Students and faculty are able to park in the Parking Garage near the stadium, if they’ve purchased a parking permit. (Photo by Alexis Warren)

Alexis Warren

Parking is always a hassle during the first few weeks at any college campus, but students and staff at American River College are experiencing additional obstacles when trying to find a convenient place to park this semester.

Construction on campus has resulted in a few alterations to student drop-off locations and certain student and staff parking lots, but there are still currently other available parking lots and an alternative location for students who get dropped off.

The campus map has been updated as of the fall 2018 semester and it creates a visual of walking detours along with the parking lots that are closed off.

The ARC Campus Operations website illustrates staff parking lot E being blocked off due to construction.

According to ARC’s director of Administrative Services, Cheryl Sears, there are only two sections lost in parking lot X, approximately 72 parking spaces.

“The closest parking lot to lot E would be X and lot S. For quite some time since the parking garage was open, lot S was never used and now more employees are parking there,” Sears said.

Parking lot E, located by Davies and Howard Hall, is also no longer a student drop-off location for ARC students.

“There’s really an awesome pick up and drop off space in lot S,” Sears said. “There’s more room for cars to park and they’re out of the flow of traffic.”

For students, the five-floor parking garage is closest to the building where most classes are held; Davies Hall.

“The parking garage is definitely more convenient to where my classes are because my classes are in Davies Hall and Portable Village,” said Afsheen Saeed, Administration Justice major.

The Health Education building is also close to the parking garage.

Classes in Tech Ed, Child Development, and Health and Education are close to parking lots A and B. Fine and Applied Arts and Arts and Science classes are closest to parking lots D and C.

There are still many parking lots available on campus amidst the construction, and leaving early will give some time to find which lot is most convenient to where classes are taken or which room a professor is teaching in.