CAEB discusses Rock Out to Knock Out Stigma success


CAEB president Mariana Topich discusses how well the Rock Out to Knockout Stigma event went in April. (photo by Alondra Botello)

Alondra Botello

The American River College Clubs and Events Board met April 24 to discuss how the Rock Out to Knockout Stigma event went, how the renovation of the Center for Leadership and Development affects the board, and the cleaning of the club closet in the club room.

CAEB president Mariana Topich shared a chair’s message of gratitude towards everyone at the meeting. She thanked them for accepting her as their president this year.

“I really enjoyed this semester. Part of the reason why I am so happy and healthy is because of this place,” Topich said. “It puts a smile on my face literally every day of the week.”

She then gave time for the rest of the board to give an announcement.

Juan Blanco, the club adviser, urged the club representatives from CAEB to review an email sent from a public informations officer at ARC about the revised Associated Student Body documents. He specifically told them to look at the revised CAEB bylaws and the ASB constitution.

Last week students were able to vote to pass or amend the revisions.

Topich talked about the success of the Rock Out to Knock Out Stigma event last week. She added that if she is still president next year, she would love to form a structure for the event that future students can follow to recreate the event.

“It was wildly successful and if I am CAEB president next year I’ll continue on and create kind a format of how to do it for future presidents,” Topich said.

They provided cookies and popcorn. Approximately six organizations joined the event. Two well known organizations that contributed were Women Escaping A Violent Environment (WEAVE) and the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).

“Not only were people taking the cookies and popcorn but they were actually engaging with the vendors we had there,” Topich said.

The second item of discussion was the renovation that the Center of Leadership and Development will undergo. The CL&D will provide a space for CAEB to create a student union. Ideas for the space were discussed during last week’s meeting and mentioned this week as well.

Their goal is to make the center a place where students can meet with their clubs and enjoy the atmosphere, according to Topich.

CAEB will be moving into the space used for meditation and reflection held by the CL&D.

The reason for the move is because of a student survey, says Blanco.

“Currently that space is being used for the meditation and reflection space and there are large windows and a door. We did a survey and students wanted more privacy,” Blanco said.

At the end of the meeting members decided who was going to help clean out the club closet in the club room.