ASB discuss training conference bill, bike lockers, and Ruby Chacon mural


Alexis Warren

American River College’s Student Body Senate meet on April 13 to discuss important schoolwide issues. (Photo by Alexis Warren)

Alexis Warren

With only three meetings left, American River College’s Associated Student Body Student Senate met Friday, April 13 to discuss schoolwide issues such as the ASB Training Conference Bill, whether or not to replace bike lockers, and the funding of the Ruby Chacon mural.

The training conference has to do with training new ASB officers before the semester starts as they step into their roles. The board discussed their Training Conference Bill again during this meeting. This bill stated whether or not ASB should spend $3,700 for training ASB officers.

This was the third reading of this bill and the board finally made a decision with an unanimous vote to pass it.

The in-depth training that new ASB officers will receive will include what their duties and positions are, and the methods to resolution and bill writing.

Another issue talked about in the meeting was the topic of bike lockers. The board discussed the old bike lockers they have and how they have become hazards because bees are starting to build nests and people are sleeping in them.

“We’re just looking into seeing how we can replace them without taking resources away from students,” said Deborah Hernandez, student senate president.

The bike locker issue couldn’t be addressed in-depth because the current board is moving out due to the end of the year approaching, so this topic could possibly be taken up by the next board upon their decision.

The board also took this meeting time to discuss the funding of the Ruby Chacon Mural that is to be located outside the Learning Resource Center. The art department, UNITE, the Pride Center, and the different learning committees want to get together and paint a mural next to the LRC.

“We can fund this if it goes to JBC because that is capital investments, so if there’s no deadline then we can help fund it, but we have to see,” Hernandez said.

For now, there is no set date or time frame for when the painting of the mural will happen.