ASB begins the semester with only four members

Student Senate President Deborah Hernandez, Parliamentarian Lorenzo Cuesta and Senator Laurie Jones at the August 31, 2017 Student Senate meeting. (Photo by John Ennis)

On August 31, Student Senate President Deborah Hernandez began the first Associated Student Body meeting of the semester with only three other committee members.

With such a small committee, all actions or bills voted on were passed by a unanimous vote of three, zero against and no abstentions, including a $300 budget to be set aside solely for student elections.
Though the Student Senate traditionally appoints a representative for communication with other community colleges, Hernandez decided to focus on other priorities.
“However, it is my recommendation that we currently concentrate on internal affairs, rather than external, and we postpone appointing a representative until we are more stable,” Hernandez  said.

The Student Senate meetings are not the only section of the Associated Student Body that are affected by such a small representation.

“We have no Senate Vice President, we have no CAEB board at all,” Senator Laurie Jones said.

CAEB, the Clubs and Events Board, is the one of the ASB’s three branches alongside the Student Senate and the Joint Budget Committee.

“There is the elections at the end of this month, so the first CAEB meeting will be October 3,” Jones said.

They will be relying on the upcoming elections on September 26 and 27 to help bolster their numbers, according to Senate Advisor Blanco.

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