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    Kevin Dean MessingOct 29, 2013 at 9:58 pm

    Once again, Jeff, you’ve published an article before taking even a cursory look at the facts.

    First, I never said Ross needed stitches. He didn’t. His head was fine that night. You need to redact this statement. You should really redact the whole article since the headline is untrue.

    Geoffrey is in fact on leave but not because of this “incident” alone. Did you even inquire about this or did you just think you knew the story already? I’ve never seen such sloppy, lazy “journalism.” It’s embarrassing.

    The administration is scared. They don’t like the stories Stockdale tells. They don’t like the language he uses in class. They are afraid of being sued or having students get offended. He rocks the boat too often. Despite the fact that he is a stellar educator and inspiration to so many students, all the good he’s done will be overshadowed by this bad press. Thanks to you.

    The official story is that he’s on medical leave for personal issues. Didn’t you get the memo? It was your desire to make a story (the one you’re re-hashing right on cue) that got the news to come to campus. Nobody likes negative press. Any issues with Geoffrey would have been sorted out internally if it hadn’t been for your amateur muckraking. The Bee has contacted me twice. The editor at the Bee and I even had a laugh at your expense. How much more effort do I need to expend to “set the record straight?” ie., separating the truth from the garbage you’ve written. The amount of harm this has done is incredible.

    Now the news will surely cut and paste this article (standard journalistic practice for KCRA) bringing even more negative attention to ARC and further dragging all of our names through the mud.

    I won’t be attending class after this. It’s not worthwhile anymore. I can’t attend a school that throws out their finest professors over trivialities and allows students to write utter nonsense to the public.


    Kevin Messing

    • B

      Bandu KonnehApr 15, 2014 at 7:00 pm

      Hi Kevin,

      I also took a class with Professor Stockdale while at American River College (I graduated Spring 2013). He is truly the most memorable educator I’ve encountered since immigrating to this country. I am also disappointed in this kind of lazy journalism (the lack of investigative and objective research), and this is coming from the daughter of a journalist. He inspired so many in the SPEECH 331 class I took; I made friends with people I would have never spoken to in or outside of class (and these were wonderful people). I gained so much from one course and one professor, it’s a shame to see such negative focus on him and the institution he has served for many years.


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Professor on leave as a result of classroom incident that left student bleeding