Discord turns to swift change in ASB

Both the American River College Associated Student Body (ASB) and the Clubs and Events Board (CAEB) have completed bylaws, and the special elections have been scheduled.

The ARC constitution says bylaws exist to “govern the day to day operation of that component of the Associated Student Body,” and bylaws must be approved before any other business can get accomplished.

The bylaws took a month get completed, and were a controversial subject, one that dominated meetings since the beginning of the semester, especially the sections of which pertain to special elections.

From the beginning the public was passionate about the board holding special elections to fill the vacant positions.  

Since the completion of the bylaws, the board has been trying to tackle other business. That business included appointing a new senator, Daniela Vargas, who was approved by the board and sworn in before taking her spot amongst the board in the Oct. 10 meeting.


As soon as the bylaws were completed, CAEB President Jeremy Diefenbacher moved to hold a special election and the motion was approved.

The board was in consensus about having the special election, but could not agree on what and how many positions would be available for the special election, and how many would be accepted by the appointment method.

The board finally settled on 10 positions: president and vice president of Student Senate, and eight senators.

ASB has also approved of the timeline for special elections. Elections will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 12, and Wednesday, Nov. 13, and campaigning will begin Oct. 28.

Joint Budget Committee:

The Joint Budget Committee (JBC) has not been formed, and it will not be formed until there is a separate president and director of finance in Student Senate.

Jorge Riley, the Student Senate director of finance, has been acting president since Tyrone Robinson’s resignation.

He will be running for the presidential seat during special elections, and if he wins the position, he will appoint a new director of finance.

This is much to Diefenbacher’s frustration, as he wants to form a JBC as soon as possible in order to do things monetarily with the boards.

One thing ASB will not have to worry about monetarily is paying the bill for the voting system, Votenet, which was left unpaid by the previous year’s board. Dean of Student Development Manuel Perez said that the administration would cover the unpaid dues.

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