ASB makes progress with bylaws, Club And Events Board seeks visibility

Melissa Hurtado and Melissa Hurtado

It has been a month since the resignation of Tyrone Robinson as student senate president, and the Associated Student Body has not implemented bylaws that determine how to fill the vacancy.

In the first month of the semester, all senate meetings have been spent on discussing and editing the bylaws but in the Sept. 26 meeting that all may have come to an end.

The most controversial sections of the bylaws, concerning special elections and requirements to run for president were discussed, and after heavy arguments and compromising the board seemed satisfied with them.

The board is set to vote on the bylaws on the Oct. 3 senate meeting. If bylaws are agreed upon by board members, a special election will follow.

“I think it’s reasonable, I think it’s time to move on.” says Jorge Riley, the elected director of finance who has been acting as president for the last month.

Riley is eager to finalize bylaws so he can get down to business and start appointing people into committees.

“I need to start putting out people, to be in places, to do things and help and me on the board” says Riley

However, many students feel like it has been a slow process, and it isn’t only the audience who feels frustrated. Associated Student Body Clubs and Events Board (CAEB) President Jeremy Diefenbacher feels the same.

It is to CAEB’s benefit that student senate finish its bylaws.

“In order to have sister branches of the Associated Student Body, both organizations in their bylaws must have the identically same section of elections.” says Diefenbacher

Not only is it slowing the process for CAEBs bylaws, it also is hurting them financially.

The joint budget committee (JBC) consists of the two presidents, two directors of finance and two other representatives from each board, so there cannot be a JBC, until there is a separate president and director of finance in the senate.

“We cannot do anything monetarily for this fiscal year,” says Diefenbacher “You cannot do anything with your club without money.”

With hopes that there will soon be a special election to fill vacancies and create a JBC. He believes this will help create a stranger CAEB presence on campus, and draw more attention to events.

“Habitually, if we build a campus culture of students just anticipating voting in the spring it will be a lot stronger than a culture than just a group around the senate members voting in the spring,” added Diefenbacher.