ASB Bylaw Troubles Create Confusion


Melissa Hurtado and Melissa Hurtado

The resignation of the Associated Student Body Student Senate elected President Tyrone Robinson has the ASB at a gridlock as there is no clear course of action in the American River College constitution to fill the vacant position of president.

Jorge Riley — ASB’s elected Director of Finance and acting President — believes that ASB needs to address this legislative shortcoming.

 “[We need to] efficiently resolve the short and long term problems of the bylaws, of the constitution, our financial grief, and still be able to provide for the student needs.” Riley said.


During the first three weeks of the semester ASB has held numerous meetings encouraging student involvement in order to come up with a solution for the bylaws and the vacancy of the presidency, so the ASB can move on to other business.

The problem this resignation has brought upon ASB is that the student body senate constitution does not clearly give a solution for how to fill the position of presidency, whether it is special election or succession.

The students at the meeting have asked ASB to hold a special election, but in order to do an amendment to the constitution it will require 10% of the student body’s approval.

The associate student body as a whole is scarce in members; the whole board consists of four students. In the Clubs and Events Board there is only one member, the President Jeremy Diefenbacher.


This year ASB has a budget of $19,500 from which CAEB will receive $10,000 — leaving student senate $9,500.

As the Director of Finance, Jorge Riley says ASB is in horrible shape financially. Last year’s ASB has also left an unpaid bill from last year’s election voting system, Votenet. “Votenet is a program where you can go online and cast your votes” said Riley.

If the special election does happen, ASB will be covering the expenses for three elections­– an outstanding bill from the previous election, the special election and one to take place in the upcoming spring semester.

ASB meetings take place in the Student Center every Thursday from 10:30 to noon.