Challenges and success have been par for the course in ASB

Mark Ahling and Mark Ahling

The actions of the Associated Student Body Student Senate are only as effective as the resolutions they’ve passed. Until then, they are only ideas in the think tank. Student Advisor Tanika Byrd said that passed resolutions are only “step 1, so how can we move further on these items?” But time and promises seem to slip further away as the clock ticks closer to the end of the semester, and for every action there was a re-action.

Appointment vs. Recall

Looking back on an interview with Quierra Robey, President of the ASB, just one of the three “pressing” issues we discussed was actually resolved. That was the confirmation of appointed positions. However, the board will actually finish with an equal amount of members due to the loss of Antonio Maldonado, Shauna Milesi, and Aaron Steinbeck, two of which were key positions.

Readers may recall that the semester began with the removal of the Los Rios Student Trustee, Bryan Ryan. Senators Debbie Dixon, Shy Mendes and Timothy Lipuma were added to the cast late in the semester. Tyrone Robinson was also moved from Senator to Director of Legislative Affairs and was most recently voted to ASB President for 2013/2014 school years.

New Business vs. Old Business

As new business items seemed to build up, the board began to target and approve most of the time sensitive agenda items.  Student-By-Laws were the longest running agenda item. They were created and introduced last semester but tabled for full approval after six weeks at number one. With the end of the semester approaching, the by-laws came back from executive committee last week and were moved to an action item. Votes were tied five tofive. Tyrone Robinson was forced to vote a postponement on the adoption of the recently revised laws.

Success vs. Behavior

More than 900 students voted this semester, more than three times the amount of last year, and handfuls of new resolutions were voted on. But at what cost was their success? Boardroom behavior, in some cases, broke boundaries and forced both President Robey and Vice-President Kipuke to reprimand members of behavioral issues during meetings, as well as via email.

Expenditure vs. Revenue

March in March was a successful event sponsored by the ASB. Funds were approved, however expenditure issues seemed to be an issue from the onset, and limited revenue was a hindrance for the Board and CAEB’s various activities. A letter sent out by Director of Finance Kindra Pring, halfway through the semester, regarding a recalculation and the unearthing of additional funds, was tough news for those clubs turned down for conference funds.