ASB Notebook: Board members need some words to grow by


Mark Ahling and Mark Ahling

Over the past few months the American River College Associated Student Body has seen tough times, but, like spring, are pushing up with new developments. Opportunities, legislation and new faces are popping up around the ASB.

Senate Vice President Omba Kipuke sent out a communication via email regarding the board’s activities and behavior, an email that might be a call to action. “We are starting to become a bit lazy and with that unintentional unprofessional conduct…we must get our (stuff) together,” Kipuke said. “Thank you all for just, well, being awesome. But with being awesome people, some of us are not doing such an awesome job fulfilling our obligations.”

With student by-laws still unfinished and new business piling up, some may tend to agree with Kipuke. The smallest topics, which if read through thoroughly, should be a quick job for this intelligent group. However, the slightest little items seem to bottleneck them with side chatter and non-essential deliberating.

The student by-laws have been on the agenda now for five weeks and counting. Kipuke’s email charged that some board members were not prepared and simply did not even understand what they were discussing. On the matter, Kipuke said: “A lot of you didn’t even bother to read a bit of it and it’s not a good look.” Kipuke goes on to paint a great image of a giant bald eagle swarming into board members’ homes to snatch up and take copies of by-laws. There is something sad, yet patriotic about that image.

ASB also lost time appointing Director of Public Relations, Shawna Milesi. Announcement of her resignation by President Robey was via email. “She was a tremendous asset to our team, and I know this decision was not easy for her,” Robey said about the resignation.

The ARC student board continued to work on bits of new business, and some board members are committed to positive resolutions and are dedicated to increase the public relations between the student body and the ASB Board.

“ASB, as a whole, has to get more creative with getting the word out, find the communication sector that works, and simply ask our constituents what would make them vote,” said Robey.

The board continues its journey to bring new faces and positive changes to ASB, but while doing so, it struggles to pass simple resolutions that are written by its members. The struggle for excellence is never the easiest path, and the critical public eye can sometimes bring weeds into the prettiest of spring gardens.