ARC upgrades relieves student pressure

Parking complex takes the burden off students, adds new payment options

American River College’s new parking structure has influenced students in many ways. It has relieved various pressures from students that arrive at school attempting to find a parking spot.

The building, which opened on Feb. 19, has given students more freedom to park in its five story configuration.

By increasing its capacity a further 1, 748 parking spaces, students have found solutions to more problems than just the former lack of open spots.

Freshman Zachary Simas now arrives on campus shortly before the start of his first class on a daily basis, something he could not do in the past.

“I no longer have to worry about coming to school early,” said Simas. “I would always come about an hour before my first class to find good parking but now I can come 15 minutes before and I’ll be right on time.”

Along with the completion of the complex came the newly installed parking ticket machines, which now give the buyer an option to use their debit or credit cards.

Parking enforcer Kathy Church believes giving students more options to choose from is important for the school. “With the new ticket machines and electric vehicle parking, we can satisfy almost everybody,” said Church.

She also praised the impact of the new structure. “It was something we desperately needed,” said Church. “The main parking lot is no longer totally full, and there isn’t traffic with cars anymore. This is a huge issue at Sac City College, but no longer here.”

The frustration of circling around the parking lot waiting for the availability of a space and fear of its constant repetition is something freshman Tate Yurica no longer must deal with.

“I always drove around 20 minutes to find parking and it was getting really annoying,“ said Yurica.

“I hated competing for spaces, especially after I had been waiting for a particular spot to open up,” said Yurica. “Thankfully with the new structure, these annoyances seem to have gone.”

Student Travis Martinez believes the new complex now enforces security for those who used to park away from campus.

“It makes everyone stay safer. Not only for the cars but also for those who had to walk a long way to campus,” said Martinez.

With the recent state of the arts improvements, ARC is showing why, according to recent Parking enforcement statistics, it is the Los Rios school that most students choose to attend.

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