What’s new in 2013

Korbl Klimecki and Korbl Klimecki

The Current keeps you covered before next semester with upcoming news, music and movies

As another year draws to a close, you hold in your hands (or view on your screen) the last edition of the Current for the fall 2012 semester.

As this is the last issue of the year, we will be unable to cover a few things as they occur over the next few months, until production begins again in mid-January. Given this, we would like to take this opportunity to report on what can be expected until then.

The new student center is expected to be completed and open by the first of next year. It will provide students with a Starbucks, Burger Shack and a full cafeteria kitchen, as well as three lounges and ten meeting rooms.

In sports, the Ultimate Fighting Championship has announced that they will begin featuring women’s fights sometime next year.

On the arts and culture front, the Ace of Spades will be hosting ska band Streetlight Manifesto on Dec. 7, punk band NOFX on Dec. 10 and rapper-turned-reggae artist Snoop Lion (née Dogg) plays Dec 16. In movies, “The Hobbit,” the first part of a three-part prequel to Peter Jackson’s movie adaptation of “The Lord of the Rings” opens in theaters Dec. 14 and the film adaptation of “Les Misérables” opens on Dec. 28.