Top five worst Facebook habits


Josh Baumbach and Josh Baumbach

Millions of students share their thoughts, pictures, videos, and just about everything else on Facebook. However, with so many people on one site, many awful trends start to develop. I’ve managed to narrow it down to five, but trust me, it was one of the toughest things I’ve ever had to do.

Using hashtags in status updates – “Man I was so wasted last night. #killingmyliver” Hashtags are used on Twitter to search for different topics. They are used on Facebook by people who have no idea what they’re for. There is no way to search for topics, so there is no point to use a hashtag.

Posting vague feelings – “So mad at them right now, how could this happen to me?” These posts are mostly by drama queens who need a lot of attention. If you need to get your feelings in writing so badly, ever heard of a diary? And don’t even think of asking the person about it, they might get mad at you and tell you it’s none of your business.

Re-posts – “This is National Nasal Blockage Awareness Week. If you have a relative or friend who sticks Legos up their nose, then re-post this.” I’m sorry, but re-posting these messages will not cure cancer, bring our troops home, or solve anything for that matter. They are really there so people can feel better about themselves.

Multiple links posted within a minute – I don’t need to see that you’re going through Limp Bizkit’s discography or that you feel the need to take all your friends along with you on this journey to the early 2000s by posting five of their videos from YouTube.

Profile “Hacks” – “I love Justin Bieber so much.” Obviously, nobody would willingly put this as their status. Wait a couple minutes, and then you’ll see the real owner of the profile say that they were hacked. No, you weren’t. You were stupid enough to leave your profile open on your computer. And I’m sure victims of identity theft don’t appreciate you using the term “hacking” so lightly.