American River College meets “The Voice’s” Dia Frampton


Dia Frampton performing during her March 15 concert at Sacramento’s Power Balance Pavilion.

Mark Lewis and Mark Lewis

Fan favorite runner-up of last year’s inaugural season of “The Voice” brought the only thing that mattered to a sold-out March 15 crowd at Sacramento’s Power Balance Pavilion – her pipes.

The 26-year-old Dia Frampton performed a six-song opening set for headliner Blake Shelton whose country swagger helped lure country fans from as far as San Jose to the pavilion for an entertaining evening that was both “Well Lit and Well Amplified” (this according to what was printed on my ticket).

Frampton, the former half of the accomplished band aptly named Meg & Dia, left her sister (Meg) for her turn to be in the “well lit” spotlight to fill the pavilion with her powerfully seductive voice.

Shelton, Frampton’s vocal coach on “The Voice” during the first run of the popular singing competition, brought a country swagger befitting of his title as the reigning 2011 Country Music Association “Artist of the Year.”

Shelton brought Frampton along for the tour, giving both the reality television show and its runner-up an authentic sense of cohesiveness.

Setting “The Voice” aside, Frampton’s enthused performance immediately vaulted her into the ranks of such artists as Colbie Caillat, Alyssa Graham and Sara Bareilles.

Frampton’s brief set was performed in front of a largely cordial crowd who were apparently saving their “hoots” and “hollers” for a certain country mega-star’s appearance.

Frampton performed songs off her of her debut album “Red” that was released late last year. The vocal prowess demonstrated on her second song of the evening, “Isabella,” could be felt by everyone from the front row to those waiting in line to purchase some of the delicious food offered in the pavilion’s concourse.

With “Trapeze,” Frampton wistfully danced about the stage ignoring the audience’s indifference to her perceived role as “Coach Blake’s” stage warmer for the evening.

The sole cover tackled by Frampton was Tom Petty’s “American Girl” which she nailed – hammering a tambourine as her guitarist Carlos played the track’s guitar licks.

Seated behind a grand piano, Frampton supplemented her current single “The Broken Ones” by exhibiting her musicianship by navigating the ivory keys as she sang her ode to providing solace to broken hearts.

Frampton, who would later return to sing a duet with Shelton, is clearly the malleable talent that Americans were exposed to during season one of “The Voice.”

She’s cute, sprightly and talented. She may be a reality television star; however don’t discount that which consumed the Power Balance Pavilion for 25 minutes – her voice.

Dia Frampton

Stand-out songs: “Isabella,” “American Girl” and “I Will.”

My final verdict: Loved it? Loathed it? Missed the Mark? – Loved it!

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