Review: Maneskin defines the band’s dimension with the new album “Rush!”

A well-crafted rock album that blends punk and pop influences


Maneskin, with the new album “Rush!,” has established a distinct identity and unmistakable style. (Photo courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment Italy)

Maneskin, the popular Italian rock band, released a new album “Rush!” on Jan. 20. With this album, they want to establish the band’s dimension and distinct and unmistakable identity. 

The success of the band took off after winning the Eurovision Song Contest. They were also nominated for the Grammy in the category ‘Best New Artist’, after winning the American Music Awards for ‘Favorite Rock Song’ in 2022 with “Beggin.” 

This album reflects the band’s members’ personalities. They can express who they are without worrying about anything else besides working toward the essential goal of good music. 

This was also reflected in how they decided to celebrate the release of this album, with an event organized by Spotify Global in Rome’s Palazzo Brancaccio.

Damiano David, Victoria De Angelis, Ethan Torchio and Thomas Raggi decided to exchange the fateful ‘yes’ and celebrate this success with a ‘wedding’ between them, swearing eternal ‘union’ in the name of rock and roll.

The album is composed of 17 tracks, some of which were released before the entire album’s release, which means that the fans could already learn and sing the lyrics. 

The track that the audience should not skip, if they are looking for something romantic in this album, is ‘If Not for You’. 

Otherwise, for the ‘Maneskin-style,’ the fans can listen to ‘Gossip’, a track defined by their talent with the instruments and sounds accompanied by a special guest, the guitar hero, Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello.

The union of these tracks in the album combines their rock roots with pop and punk. All the elements that can be considered cornerstones of rock are brought up, such as sex, drugs, rebellion and rock’n’roll.  

It is a youthful spirit, a desire to mess around, distinguished by minimal and surreal lyrics with choruses that get stuck in the head, which reach their goal in the best possible way. 

Listening to the album, listeners may notice a difference between lyrics in English, considered light and successful in their intent to stick in listeners’ heads, alternating with lyrics in Italian, touching on deeper themes that can represent poignant moments. 

The band’s balance of this album catches the ear, an exact dose of the essential elements that listeners crave—fast-paced rhythm, choruses that stick in your head, songs with deep themes, and romantic ballads that can give you a little thrill. 

Considering how it’s played and the sound of the album, the band did a great job. You can recognize the distinguishable hands of the producers, Max Martin and Fabrizio Ferraguzzo, as well as recognize every musical allusion made by the Roman band.

“Rush!,” is an album that considers the stereotypes and fake excesses of rock, but in this case, they are addressed to a new generation, willing to go beyond the usual preconceptions. It is an album that successfully silences the haters, who will probably still listen to it at top volume anyway.

This album is precisely a response to those who insistently try to define this band and limit their talent to a predetermined genre. In one of the songs on this album, “Kool Kids,” we get a glimpse of a defined response to this criticism by the band, “I’m a scum, real scum, but I’m good at this/We’re not punk, we’re not pop, we’re just music freaks.” 

If you have never heard about this band, you probably should give it a chance and listen to this incredible new album, check it out on the different streaming platforms.