Review: Kid Cudi returns to his roots with mellow energy album, “Entergalatic”

The album includes five features, including ones with 2 Chainz and Ty Dolla $ign

Rapper Kid Cudi’s newest release, “Entergalactic,” is available on all music platforms. (Photo courtesy of Wicked Awesome and Republic Records)


Rapper Kid Cudi’s newest release, “Entergalactic,” is available on all music platforms. (Photo courtesy of Wicked Awesome and Republic Records)

Grammy award-winning rapper and producer Kid Cudi released his newest album, “Entergalatic,” on Sept. 30 to all music platforms to support his own animated series named after his album.

The album overall is pretty average. There aren’t many high moments as the album is pretty consistent with calm and chill songs. “Do What I Want” is the biggest highlight of the album with the high energy instrumental and repetitive but catchy lyrics. 

The album has a similar moody and laid-back sound to that of his older projects such as “Man on the Moon,” which brought him to mainstream success with award-winning and nominated tracks such as “Day N Nite” and “Pursuit of Happiness.”

The album is enjoyable and relaxing but certainly is not the greatest thing Cudi has released.

Many music reviewers describe this album as Cudi going back to his roots with psychedelic rap and less pop rap, which Cudi had done in his previous albums. YouTuber Anthony Fantano describes the record as having, laid back flows and classic Cudi hums.” 

I agree with many of those reviewers, including Fantano.

Cudi has five features on the album with the biggest names including 2 Chainz, Ty Dolla $ign, Don Toliver, Steve Aoki and Dot Da Genius collaborating on the final song of the album, “Burrow.”

Since it is a soundtrack album, the songs certainly fit well with the animations from the show “Entergalactic.” The animations of the show with the songs bring the songs to life.

For someone like me who needs to have a music video to go along with songs in order to associate a meaning or even relate to a song, I appreciated the songs even more with scenes from the show.

“Entergalatic,” certainly has many “Man on the Moon” similarities but there weren’t many high moments from the soundtrack album, like “Pursuit of Happiness” and “Day n Nite.”

Some of those “Man on the Moon,” moments come from songs like “Maybe So,” the 10th track on the album. The song brings hints of the sad energy from “Pursuit of Happiness.”

“She’s looking for me,” the 12th track, is a memorable track for me. The track is catchy and repetitive but maintains a calm and laid back feel to it.

“My Drug,” the following track, is an underrated highlight on the album. The instrumentals make the song feel like a living experience with hints of orchestral instruments such as the violin. Kid Cudi’s echoing vocals give the song an eerie feeling.

The bonus track, “Burrow,” and the third track on the album, “Do What I Want,” are the most upbeat songs on the album.

The album overall has a chill, laid back and calm vibe to it. You won’t be hearing any of the songs from this album on your next visit to the bar or club, but the songs are more of something you would play if you were out with a friend on a Saturday night drive through the back roads.

The album certainly isn’t the most mind blowing piece of work Cudi has released, but it was an enjoyable album with not many Billboard Top 100 moments. 

The album contains 15 tracks with 45 minutes in total.