Review: Halloween can start – Michael Myers is here in “Halloween Ends”

The cold weather may not be here yet but the horror is


“Halloween Ends” is a spine-tingling horror that has the right amount of suspense to keep you on the edge. (Photo courtesy of Universal Pictures)

It’s October, it should be getting colder and the excitement of fear should be trickling into the minds of horror lovers. Michael Myers delivers this fear in “Halloween Ends,” which was just released in theaters and is also now streaming on Peacock. 

As a person who is not thrilled at the idea of another Halloween movie and was not sure if this was going to be something worth watching, “Halloween Ends” proves that it is a classic with a new twist to keep the suspense flowing. 

“Halloween Ends” shows what evil can do to a town and its citizens. The fear of where and when Michael Myers will attack again has affected the innocent people of Haddonfield. The citizens don’t remain innocent. 

“Evil doesn’t die, it changes shape,” Laurie said—a little taste of what “Halloween Ends” has to offer. 

Of course Michael Myers returns and Laurie Strode is ready for him. Watching these two iconic characters battle is one of the strengths of this movie. Though they bring a younger generation, you still get to witness the two legends interact. 

Laurie, played once again by Jamie Lee Curtis, proves why she has been seen as a strong leading female role for 44 years. Laurie is the antidote to Michael Myers. The fear that trickles down your spine when you hear the music and see the masked figure fades when Laurie appears and is ready to take the monster on. You fall in love with Curtis all over.

It is not required for you to know the history of this trilogy in order to watch this movie. The movie does include flashbacks, enough so you understand the thought, but not overwhelming the movie in past flashes. 

If you are looking for the thrill of fear running through you, this is the movie to watch. If you enjoyed the original you will enjoy “Halloween Ends.”