ARC Music Department to hold in person events for the first time in two years

The first event will be taking place March 10


Students will start seeing more live, in-person events from the American River College music department, starting with an event on March 10. (Photo by Jaqueline Ruvalcaba)

The American River College music department will begin holding live and in-person events for the first time in two years, starting with a four-concert series.

According to Dyne Eifertsen, co-chair of the ARC music department, the four events will start March 10. The Jazz Band Ensemble, Vocal Jazz Ensemble, Symphonic Band and Concert Choir will all be holding concerts throughout the week.

“We are really excited. It’s nerve-racking to get back into it but we have to do it at some point,” Eifertsen said. “Hopefully now is the right time.”

According to Eifertsen, the music department has been taking as many precautions against COVID-19 as possible, including wearing special masks for playing and singing and requiring proof of vaccination from event attendees and staff. 

So far, the precautions have proven to be successful, with no major COVID-19 outbreaks taking place in the department, Eifertsen said.

“We are doing every protocol imaginable to keep everybody safe,” Eifertsen said. “The students have been fabulous working with us.”

In addition to starting in-person events, the ARC music department is continuing to push for more on-ground classes, Eifertsen says. Although a majority of classes are still online, students should see more in-person class options during the fall 2022 semester.

“We’re focusing on things that don’t really transfer as well online,” Eifertsen said. “We are just fortunate to have very creative professors and teachers that have just done amazing work.”

More information about the first concert of the series, ARC’s Instrumental Jazz Ensembles “A Tribute to Count Basie’s 1959 Chairman of the Board,” can be found here.