Five fun and easy pandemic friendly Halloween ideas

You don’t have to go out to have a good time for Halloween


Making a spooky basket for a loved one is a fun, affordable and pandemic friendly way to celebrate Halloween this year in 2021. (Photo illustration by Madison Duong)

Trying to find something fun and easy to do during Halloween? Here’s a list of five ideas you can try to get the most out of your socially distanced Halloween. 

  1. Carve a pumpkin 

Carving pumpkins for Halloween never gets old. Pumpkin carving is a therapeutic and festive activity and can also be a festive way to decorate your home. You can even get the full experience by going to the pumpkin patch to choose any pumpkin you’d like to bring home and carve whatever design you desire. This activity can be fun when you’re alone or even with a partner. 


     2. Make a spooky basket

A spooky basket is a Halloween-themed basket you can give to a friend, family member or your partner. Simply fill up a basket with their favorite treats and even throw in some knick-knacks if you wish. The budget is up to each individual, but if you’re looking for something more affordable, you can stick to simple things like fun items from the Dollar Store or a variation of candy. It’s up to you and it’s a good way to show gratitude and spirit during this Halloween season. Simply make your spooky basket for the person(s) of your choice and drop it off to them. 


     3. Binge-watch horror/Halloween movies 

What better way to get in the spooky spirit than to watch scary movies during Halloween? This activity allows you to stay safe inside your home and also get into the spirit of Halloween at the same time. To get more festive, snack on some Halloween candy while having your scary movie marathon.


       4. Bake Halloween-themed treats

Halloween is known to be all about sweets and candy, but if you’re planning to stay home, you can still find an excuse to devour all the sweets you want by baking some goodies. Choose whichever treat(s) you’d like to bake and for more spirit, you can use Halloween-themed cookie cutters, sprinkles, cupcake wrappers and more to make your baked goods more festive.


       5. Decorate your home and pass out candy

You don’t have to go out to have a good time. Staying home to decorate and pass out candy is a classic way to spend your time for Halloween. Remember to always wear a mask and remain 6-feet apart when trick or treaters come by.