Review: “Reminiscence” touches viewers with a romantic storyline

Is it possible to keep the happiness between two lovers? This movie shows us that it is


Hugh Jackman stars as a private investigator in, “Reminiscence”, a film that combines science fiction, romance, and action. (Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Studio)

Spoilers ahead. The movie “Reminiscence” starring Hugh Jackman, is a dramatic love story that takes place in the future.

The runtime of the film is nearly two hours and the film includes romance, action, and science fiction with underlying messages about global warming and the rise of the ocean water level. The acting is good and the film is entertaining, but also at times weak and confusing in some spots because there is no solid connection between the genres. 

The romance aspect of the story is between a laboratory owner, Nick Bannister (Hugh Jackman), and one of his patients.  Nick Bannister lives happily with her until she suddenly disappears.

The action centers on the story of the patient, who had been training under the corrupt police force to blackmail him.  When starting her mission, she ends up falling in love with him so she lives with an internal struggle between her love and obeying the corrupt police she decides to disappear to run away from the conflict.

The science-fiction side of the movie revolves around the lab, where a specialist makes films from the memories of his patients about certain events. This lab cooperates with the police to solve mysteries.

When his lover died, he became very desperate and his assistant helped him get out of his depression by using his lab equipment to keep him living that happy time with her permanently. This is the end of the love story.

The CGI effects in this film are important. For example, scenes that depict rising ocean water are key to showing how the characters have to get to their destination by crossing obstacles while water is splashing everywhere. 

There are a lot of digital techniques in this film to show the impossible possible, like converting memories into films. 

The music of the film is in tune with the events of the film, making viewers experience more imaginative and dramatic effects. However, at times the sound effects were intense, which may be disturbing for some viewers.