Offset opens up in his debut album, “Father of 4”


Photo Courtesy of Quality Control Music

Gabe Carlos

After delaying his album release date several times over an alleged split from wife, Cardi B,  Atlanta rapper Offset finally dropped his debut solo album, “Father of 4,” on Feb. 22.

After the delays, Offset has delivered the album that he truly wanted to make. This is not the typical Migos album that talks about success, fame, money, cars, drugs and women. This album presents the dark times in Offset’s life that many of his fans may not have known about.

Initially set to drop on his birthday, Dec. 14, 2018, Offset pushed the album release back for reasons that were likely because of Cardi B announcing their breakup on Instagram.

Offset originally gained fame as one-third of the trap rap group Migos, charting several songs in the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100. The 27-year-old rapper has also had several solo appearances on songs from other artists like Travis Scott, 21 Savage, J. Cole, Gucci Mane, Gunna, Quavo and his wife, Cardi B.

Offset posted on Twitter that he wants his fans to know more about who he is and what he has been through which involves gang violence and drugs in North Atlanta, on Feb. 21 — the story that the album’s lead single, “Red Room,” unfolds.

In the first song of the album, the album’s title track, Offset raps about each of his four different children from four different women. The chorus tells the listeners that he had his first son at 17, and then in his first verse, Offset raps about his first daughter who he didn’t know he had until a few years after she was born.

In the second verse, Offset says that being a father has changed his life for the better and that he does everything for them. He raps: “I’m a father of four, gotta get that cash, gold, keep my past closed ‘member I ain’t had no dough.”

On the ninth track of the album, “Don’t Lose Me,” Offset raps about losing his wife, Cardi B, during their extremely public breakup. This song was likely recorded during the couple’s time apart, as he tried to get her back before he could drop his album.

The chorus of the song says: “She told me, ‘Don’t lose me, Don’t lose me.’” This comes from when Cardi said on stage during a performance: “You do that sh*t again, you ‘gon lose your wife.”

During the final song on “Father of 4,” titled “Came A Long Way,” Offset raps about how he will never forget where he came from in North Atlanta. He says that when he comes back, it’s like he and Migos never left. Throughout this album, Offset isn’t afraid to tell us where he was raised and what he saw everyday growing up.

On the track “Legacy,” with Houston rapper Travis Scott and fellow Atlanta rapper 21 Savage, they rap about being raised in the streets and what drugs they were consuming, over a dark beat made by Southside and CuBeatz.

The second track called, “How Did I Get Here,” Offset raps about the times he was in prison missing out on his kids and shootouts in Atlanta while being humble that he can provide money for his family. J. Cole, who is featured on the track, raps about the violence he witnessed growing up in Fayetteville, North Carolina, as well.

“Father of 4” was produced by Atlanta’s Metro Boomin and 808 Mafia’s Southside. The teamwork between the three is exceptional and displays the skills the artists have developed working together over the years. This album is undeniably a fun listen and not what people would expect coming from Offset.

A dark, personal album from Offset made us understand his background and realize who he is. Offset opens up about being in prison, the gang violence he was in and also being extremely broke while raising his kids.

Offset should be very proud of this album as the future for him, his wife and the other two Migos, Quavo and Takeoff, should be big. Offset made it clear that he made this album for him, his wife, his family and his four children.