Kaneko puts ARC faculty members’ art on display


Joy Bertinuson’s painting entitled “Protect Yourself at All Time,” on display in the Kaneko Gallery for the “American River College Faculty Exhibition,” Aug. 22 through Friday, Sept. 2. (Photo by Cheyenne Drury)

Cheyenne Drury and Laurie Jones

By Cheyenne Drury and Laurie Jones

The James Kaneko Gallery kicked off the fall semester on Aug. 22 with its annual “ARC Faculty Exhibition,” a collection of artwork chosen from American River College staff.

Administrative assistant Bernice Foster, fine arts professor Joy Bertinuson and art appreciation professor Craig Smith were among some of the artists featured in the gallery.

American River College student and art major Erica Campbell was part of the process in which students select pieces to be included in the show.

For the majority of the faculty, this is not their first time having their work on display in Kaneko but the exception this year is Foster.

“Mosaic” and “Tidepool” are two watercolor pieces painted by Foster.

“Both are colored with watercolor, ‘Mosaic’ in texture paste on board and ‘Tidepool’ in light modeling paste and paper on canvas for depth,” said Foster.

The person in charge of it all is fine arts professor Patricia Wood.

“Professor Wood is an incredible artist personally, but she’s also extremely encouraging with new students, new artists and outside the box art,” commented Foster.

A piece painted by art professor Craig Smith was self-described as being “a landscape based on observation.”

“The colors and the way that it is balanced is intended to make it expressive of something,” said Smith.

The artwork drew the attention of many ARC students including art major Anton Torrence.

“I love oil painting. That’s my medium.”

Torrence’s favorite piece was an oil painting, “Protect Yourself at All Time” by Bertinuson.

This show will run through next Friday, Sep. 2.

The gallery is open Monday through Friday  from 11-5 p.m.