Second Saturday a Sacramento standout


Mark Manning's studio at 2110 Sacramento Art Complex, located at 2110 K St. in Midtown Sacramento. (Photo by Stephanie Lee)

Deanna Dokes and Deanna Dokes

What began as a gathering of gallery owners to promote their art has turned into an enormous celebration attracting more than 15,000 people to the local Sacramento art scene. Second Saturday, also known as the Art Walk, starts at 6 p.m. and is located on J and L streets of downtown. It is an event that takes place every second Saturday of every month. Art, photography, and sculpture galleries are open on this night. Those who regularly attend Second Saturday say that it is an entertaining event that allows people to open their mind to new intriguing types of art such as graffiti, abstract expression, ceramic, photography and much more.

“I enjoy (Second Saturday); the people, music and dancing,” said Mitchell Heberle, American River College student visiting the Alex Bult Gallery. “(There is) a lot of art and different artists have different style.”

Second Saturday might appear overwhelming at first because of the wide selection of places to visit, but here is a list of some interesting galleries to start the night off right.

The Viewpoint Gallery
Located: 2015 J St., suite 101
The Viewpoint Gallery, a professional photography gallery, brings various photography styles to downtown Sacramento.  The photos may range from deep red canyons, open fields, and sparkling night skies to photos of couches, toothbrushes in dark light, and even cell phones. Photographers featured this Second Saturday are the “Pursuers of eXcellence: Curators at the,” an “internationally supported photography website,” according to The Viewpoint Gallery’s statement.
Some of the photos may span from street photography to landscape photography.  Jon Sousa will also be displaying his photography under the title “The Human Touch,” which according to his artist statement “incorporates the relationship between his favorite model and evocative architectural settings.”

2110 Sacramento Art Complex
Located: 20th and K streets
The 2110 Art Complex is a combination gallery composed of different artists with their own unique, individual style. The gallery has two floors with more than 20 rooms dedicated to each artist. Come to this gallery and be emerged in rarely seen art styles.  The gallery has rooms dedicated to artists who create art with ceramics, blow glass sculptures, encaustics (hot waxed paintings), mixed media portraits, pastel, textile art or black and white photography. There is even an outside section for artists who make sculptures resembling robots out of recycled steel and concrete. Mark Manning, whose art is featured at the gallery, likes the event. “(I) enjoy seeing people’s reaction to the art (in general) and talking to the people,” said Manning.

Alex Bult Gallery
Locations: Located: 1114 21st. Street Suite B
White walls decorated with color-popping photos, the sophisticated Alex Bult Gallery displays art that makes the viewer question what they see in the painting. During Second Saturday the gallery has wine and food available for the on-lookers and art buyers. Bryce Vinokurov’s art will be displayed this Second Saturday. He is an abstract satirical artist that paints pictures that often involves food and landscape. Vinokurov’s artist statement says that his pictures may include “individuals on bikes, around grills, donning chef hats, or handling other accessories but with other comforts of the modern world unspecified.”


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