Despite the ongoing pandemic, students and faculty are still celebrating Halloween

Small gatherings, pumpkin carving and scary movies can still keep us in the Halloween spirit


October 31st marks another year of spooky costumes and candy.(Photo courtesy of Unsplash Photos).

The pandemic has stopped many events and celebrations for people around the world. Despite new restrictions, that hasn’t stopped the students and faculty members of American River College from wanting to celebrate one of the country’s most beloved holidays- Halloween.

David Shrope-Austin, a speech communication professor, said that despite the pandemic he and his family will continue to celebrate together like they always do.

“We will be going to pick out pumpkins and carve them,” Austin said. “I will make my famous Garlic Sea Salt Pumpkin seeds. We will also watch the classic movie, “Halloween”, together.”

Anne Gillman, a political science professor, said that she has no choice: her kids won’t let her miss Halloween.

“I plan to glue some felt onto their pajamas and call this a “costume,” let them jab some holes into a pumpkin and call this a “Jack-O-Lantern”, and hide some candy for them to find in our neighbor’s bushes and call this “trick-or-treating”,” Gillman said.

Gillman joked that her children will stay up past their bedtime eating too much sugar, and wake her up early the next morning.

Britnni Grigsby, a psychology major, said that she plans on celebrating Halloween this year, despite everything that’s been going on, with just her and her family enjoying each other’s company.

“My family and I plan on spending the evening together, maybe watching some Halloween movies or relaxing by a fire and sharing a drink or two,” Grigsby said.

Tyson Villarante, a biology major, said that he, too, plans on celebrating Halloween and having fun this year.

“I do plan on celebrating Halloween,” Villarante said. “I will make sure I’m being extra cautious by wearing a mask at all times and making sure I maintain a distance from others.”

People still enjoy parties and get togethers and won’t let anything get in the way of their yearly fun.

Ryan Muresan, a criminal justice major, said that he plans on having fun as well, saying that he plans on going to a Halloween party.

“I’m celebrating Halloween with my brother and some friends,” Muresan said. “We plan on going to a house party this Halloween year.”

Muresan added that he doesn’t think he or his accomplices will wear masks to the fun event, let alone the other people that might be attending.

Not everyone agrees with partying without a mask on, or let alone, attending any events during this crisis.

Karmen Pantoja, an arts and new media major, said that she most likely wouldn’t celebrate Halloween this year.

“I mainly work on weekends and Halloween lands on a Saturday this year,” Pantoja said. “Even if it didn’t I wouldn’t celebrate because of the pandemic. I can’t take a risk just for candy ya know?”

People may not be opening their doors to trick-or-treaters at this time of year, but at least people are still finding ways to have a good time.