Campus Pulse: Should Trump be impeached? Why or why not?

“I just know that his impeachment is all a distraction because he is trying to go for a re-election.” - Abbie Cairel | Psych Major

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Josh Ghiorso
Joshua Ghiorso is a third year student at American River College, this is his second semester on the Current and his first year as an Arts and Culture Editor. He is a journalism major working to get an associate’s degree in journalism and is also currently majoring at California State University, Sacramento in journalism and communication.

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  1. Benjamin Oback | October 7, 2019 at 5:13 pm | Reply

    There’s no chance that the Senate, with their consistent habit of appeasing Trump, votes to remove him from office, so it sort of feels like wasted effort on the democrats’ part. But at the same time, an impeachment attempt sends a strong message that democrats won’t idly stand by when they see things happen that they think are illegal. So, whether they attempt to impeach him or not, it will feel like a loss. So, yes, they should try to impeach, because having a negative outcome while trying for a positive one is a lot better than having a negative outcome without even trying to improve anything.

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