Life is Worth the Walk club provides resources


Cheyenne Drury

Psychology professor Peg Scott (left) and her assistant Melanie Martinez (right) inform LWW club members how the year will unfold.

Cheyenne Drury and Cheyenne Drury

Life is Worth the Walk is a club at American River College that offers suicide prevention information and resources as well as help for students dealing with depression or substance use.

LWW had their first meeting of the semester on Feb. 5.

The meeting was held in Davies Hall room 111 from 12:15p.m.-1:15p.m.

Pegg Scott, a psychology professor, and Melanie Martinez, a psychology major, set up and held the meeting.

Scott is the adviser and Martinez is the president and they both work together to plan and manage anything having to do with LWW.

Martinez said that LWW tries to provide information to students.

“One time at the LWW table at a club day event I had a girl approach the table and I could tell by her behavior that we didn’t have something available to her so I asked her if there was something she would like to have and she quietly said NA which stand for Narcotics anonymous and I told her I would make sure to get all the information for her and have it the next time,” said Martinez.

LWW has something planned for every Club Day and they dates to club members who would like to volunteer their time at each event.

There is a time during each meeting when students are asked for their input and ideas which then are taken into consideration.

Christina Oliver, a psychology major, was one of the students who took the opportunity to make her voice heard.

“I actually have a classmate who is deaf and it was brought to my attention by them that there are really no resources, in terms of getting mental health help, offered to the deaf community at large,” said Oliver.

That very idea brought to their attention by Oliver is now something already being worked on by LWW.

LWW does not offer group therapy, although Scott and Martinez are open and willing to talk and help out anyone in need. They are most focused on providing the necessary information for professional help.