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“Kingdom Hearts III” is the first game of the series released for the Xbox One console. (Photo illustration by Thomas Cathey)

“Kingdom Hearts III” brings back the magic

Thomas Cathey March 4, 2019

“Kingdom Hearts” fans have been waiting nearly 14 years for the next main installment of the video game series. The time to rejoice has finally arrived. Amid high expectations, Square Enix released...

ARC Student Ash Pal plays  a multiplayer fighting game called Skulls Girls. with his friends. (Photo by Mychael Jones)

Opinion: Videogames are building relationships at ARC

Mychael Jones November 29, 2016

The phrase “teamwork makes the dream work” is commonly used when talking about a group of people working on a specific goal. A video game that has a multi-player aspect is no different than many people...

American River College student Casey Reynolds plays the card game Magic: The Gathering with friends in the Student Center. Tabletop games can be a good way to teach skills and knowledge to students. (Photo by Ashlynn Johnson)

Opinion: College students will find benefits in tabletop gaming

Joseph Daniels November 12, 2015

Despite the recent increase in the popularity of tabletop gaming, people may find it to be nothing more than a distraction, the time for which could be better used for activities such as studying. Nonetheless,...

 Speaker Brian Linville gave a lecture on how to break out into the gaming industry and get a job designing for gaming companies.

Local gaming studio recruiter gives a lecture at American River College

Brandon Nelson and Brandon Nelson April 21, 2015

The video game industry is continually growing as technology develops and with them comes a niche job market that is particularly hard to break into. Last Thursday the first lecture in an Art New Media...

Violent behavior is no fault of gamers: I play violent games, and I’m no criminal

Violent behavior is no fault of gamers: I play violent games, and I’m no criminal

Brandon Nelson and Brandon Nelson September 26, 2014

Last night, I went on a rampage. I killed several people with my bare hands, and was thoroughly entertained. No, not in real life, but on Xbox live. Gaming does not make people violent. When will...

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