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ARC student arrested for allegedly flying drone over NFL game

(Left) Tracy Mapes' staff photo from his time on the AR Current in the spring of 2016. (File photo)

(Right) Tracy Mapes' mugshot at the Santa Clara Police Department on Nov. 26 after being arrested for allegedly dropping anti-media leaflets over Levi Stadium. (Photo courtesy of Santa Clara Police Department)

Luis Gael

November 28, 2017

[UPDATED] An American River College student was arrested on Sunday after allegedly dropping anti-media leaflets from a drone over Levi’s Stadium and Oakland-Alameda Stadium during two different NFL games.  Tracy Mapes, 55, attended ARC and served on the Current in the spring of 2016 before leaving the...

ARC awaits Super Bowl 50

American River College students and staff give their thoughts on this year's Super Bowl. (Photo by Joe Padilla)

Sharriyona Platt

February 5, 2016

With Super Bowl 50 near, football fans at American River College are expressing their excitement, hopes and predictions for this year’s game. Both the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers have shown their ability to manage the ball, maintain their momentum and set the tone for each game played throughout...

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