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Student’s artwork displayed in Shadow Box

ARC student Miguel Miranda's artwork is on display in the Shadow Box located in the art department across from the Kaneko Gallery. (Photo courtesy of Miguel Miranda)

Lidiya Grib

January 31, 2017

Art student Miguel Miranda’s artwork was displayed in the Shadow Box during the first three weeks of the semester depicting realism and abstract forms and drawings. The art drawings that Miranda selected extended into a broad variety of different mediums, forms, styles and techniques with each p...

Artists showcase their work at the Shadow Box Gallery

Alexandrea Villareal’s “Steve Recling” and “Curling Monique” drawings were showed on September 7. The drawings presented here were photographed September 1 to show an example of Villareal’s work for the Kaneko Gallery’s “The Shadow Box” event. (Photo Mychael Jones)

Luis Gael

September 7, 2016

American River College (ARC) students are ready to display their work at the Shadow Box Gallery which is a display intended to showcase students’ art. Alexandrea Villarreal’s figurative artwork went up today and is based entirely on the human figure in different poses. Villarreal regularly attend...

Professional photographic artist speaks at ARC at the Art New Media Series 2015

Hererra's Gum Bichromate prints called

Mary-Ann Myers and Mary Ann Myers

May 1, 2015

Dan Herrera, an adjunct professor at American River College, was the second speaker of the 2015 Art New Media Series. Herrera took his viewers through a narrative, a futuristic and nostalgic world in the Liberal Arts Building room 127 on April 23. Herrera teaches art and design classes that feature...

Local gaming studio recruiter gives a lecture at American River College

 Speaker Brian Linville gave a lecture on how to break out into the gaming industry and get a job designing for gaming companies.

Brandon Nelson and Brandon Nelson

April 21, 2015

The video game industry is continually growing as technology develops and with them comes a niche job market that is particularly hard to break into. Last Thursday the first lecture in an Art New Media series took place entitled “An Aspiring Artist’s Guide Towards Preparing For A Career in the...

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