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Letter to the editor: Anti-abortion propaganda

Letter to the editor: Anti-abortion propaganda

April 1, 2016

I am appalled by your recent article "Abortion foes come to ARC" (3/30). Supposedly it was about a group that came here to "discuss its feelings" by "engaging in conversation." But there's no conversation here. If "Project Truth" wants to come to a campus where they have no business besides spreading...

Anti-abortion group visits ARC

John Edgar, a member of the anti-abortion activist group Project Truth, stands in front of one of the group's signs posted by its set up near the Student Center. Project Truth visits college campuses among other venues across the country to spread its message. (File Photo)

Matthew Peirson

March 15, 2016

An anti-abortion group that refers to itself as “Project Truth” visited American River College Monday to discuss its feelings on the subject. The group goes to college campuses all around the country, handing out flyers and engaging in conversation with students passing by. “(We) talk to student...

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