ARC women’s swim team hopes to be back to full training by fall 2021

“Now more than ever swimming is one of the safest activities available, chlorine is a COVID-19 disinfectant”


Bethani Black, ARC women’s swim coach says the women’s swim team will spend the rest of spring getting back into the water, in shape with hopes to make a full return in fall of 2021. (File photo)

The women’s swimming department has started to make its slow return during the rest of the spring semester. American River College women’s swimming coach Bethani Black says she hopes that the team will be able to implement full training in fall of 2021. 

Black says the COVID-19 pandemic has made it challenging for both her and students to fully connect.

“I have missed the connection with each athlete, there are freshmen I recruited well over a year ago and my only relationship with them has been via zoom,” Black said. “I believe the athletes miss this most too and are eager to be face to face and back in the water.”

With the announcement that ARC’s fall semester will be hybrid, students can expect to get more hands-on learning experience in athletic departments. 

“Currently our entire athletic program is scheduled to begin baseline testing for a safe return to athletic training in the upcoming weeks,” Black said. “We are very excited for the opportunity to return to the water, as we have been out for over a year.”

Black says that swimming is non-weight bearing and courses are designed to help each student learn what is most suitable for their ability.

“We will spend the rest of the spring getting back into water shape, we hope to be in full training by the fall- swimming and weights,” Black said. “Now more than ever, swimming is one of the safest activities available, chlorine is a COVID-19 disinfectant.”