Shelter-in-place order causes cancellation of all ARC spring sports

Healthy athletes sit at home as they wait for the college to reopen


Sporting fields and arenas across Sacramento remain empty as the shelter-in-place order continues, keeping healthy athletes from competing. (Photo by Dylan Lillie)

Dylan Lillie, Staff Writer

When dealing with situations as serious as a pandemic, it’s easy to forget about the people who would be less affected by the direct issue at hand. Though it makes sense for us to pay most attention to the ones who are at the highest risk, it inadvertently causes us to ignore some of the other effects of COVID-19. 

American River College has cancelled all sporting events for the foreseeable future, causing students who were looking to advance their athletic career to pause in their path.

The California Community College Athletics Association (CCCAA) spends its time looking to help students who are looking to pursue further collegiate or professional careers. 

“At this time, all levels of the NCAA, NAIA, and CCCAA are looking at how to best help all spring student-athletes who aspire to continue their athletic endeavors, whether collegiately or professionally,” ARC athletic dean Kathleen Sullivan-Torrez explained. “It is a challenging time for all levels of sports, not only in our country, but the entire sporting world.”

The Olympics are one of sports’ most prestigious honors, and a feat most athletes never even attempt. However, for those who qualify to compete, it’s an event that could catapult athletes to the top of their respective sport. 

However the 2020 Olympics, which were supposed to be held in Japan, have now been postponed until at least next year due to the pandemic. This has caused a handful of people to miss out on what could’ve been their only chance to achieve this monumental task.   

The effects of the coronavirus go past cancelling sporting events around the world. The virus has also shut down Los Rios Community College campuses as well, causing the closure of training facilities and the training staff to be sent home. 

Along with this, the closure of local gyms and workout facilities have added another obstacle for students looking to stay in shape. These facilities won’t be opened again until Gov. Gavin Newsom declares it safe for them to do so. 

These closures might affect students with lower incomes due to the lack of access they will have to gym equipment and workout tools. 

This global pandemic has affected people in many different ways since the beginning. The one thing that must be remembered is that everyone has been affected, so in this time we need to support each other, not tear each other down.