The NFL: the new opiate of the masses.


The 2013 NFL Draft took place from Thursday, April 25, to Saturday, April 27,and I watched every minute of it.

It could be viewed on two stations, ESPN and NFL Network, and I recorded one and watched the other. I think it’s safe to say that I may have a problem and I might need some help.

Why is it that I, or most of us, care more about the draft than my girlfriend’s problems?

I can honestly say that my family could be getting robbed in the next room, but they would have to wait because Oakland is on the clock.

Why do sports fans prioritize certain sporting events over more important things in life? NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell knows how crazy sports fans are.

I remember waking up early on Saturday morning just to witness the Raiders draft Jamarcus Russell, and then hating my life for the past six years screaming at the TV. “We could have taken Calvin Johnson!” Or anyone else in the 2007 NFL Draft.

In 2009, Goodell decided to change the draft format by spreading it out to primetime and expanding it over three days; giving myself and sports fans everywhere the opportunity to waste three days instead of the usual two.

Goodell knows how to make money off of fans and I’m not blaming him. I would too if I had that power. He has even suggested moving the draft to May during sweeps week to get more viewers. I would struggle not watching it in April, and when May comes, it would feel like the greatest event of my life—way above the birth of my unborn child.

I spend too much time worrying about who my favorite team picks. That energy should be put elsewhere. I have friends that tell me how “amped” they are for the draft and mock up who their favorite teams should pick.

I should stop watching a bunch of guys my age or younger getting drafted. I’m sitting on my parents couch watching them become instant millionaires, while they are planning on what house to buy their parents. It’s pretty depressing.

Instead of joining a support group like the NFLDWA (NFL Draft Watchers Anonymous), I’ve decided to take some time off from future drafts by finding new hobbies, like reading a good book, going outside and enjoying the sun, or doing some yard work with my dad.

Us sports fans put too much effort into three days that have nothing to do with our lives. Instead, we should be doing something productive, and that’s unnecessary roughness.