Five top sports bars in Sacramento


Bisla’s sports bar in East Sacramento is a sure bet for sports fans.

Jessica Maynard and Jessica Maynard

Regardless of the numerous advancements in home entertainment over the years, there’s something sacred about going to a sports bar to watch the biggest events with fellow sports fanatics. These five places are sure stops when it comes to watching your favorite teams play.

1. Bislas  stands above the rest, featuring 20 HD TVs ranging from 46 to 65 inches located between two rooms and an outdoor patio. They have a 120 inch projection screen that showcases all the big games and fights, with a great sound system. They have two different bars; Rey, Bislas’ head bartender is great at inventing new drinks on the spot. The bar is complimented by great food, service, televisions, and drinks. This is the place to get your sports fix in Sacramento.
Location: 7042 Folsom Boulevard, Sacramento, CA 95826
Ages: 18+

2. MVPS is also a sure bet, with 20 HD TVs ranging from 32 to 65 inches. The place has great drinks and decent food. With three sections down stairs and a huge upstairs area, this bar can designate individual sports areas. This is definitely a great atmosphere to get your sports fill.
Location: 2110 L Street, Sacramento, CA 95816
Ages: 18+

3. Cheaters, if you’re not looking for food, but a great place to get your sports fix. They have 13 HD TVs ranging from 40 to 72 inches. The building is small, and seats anywhere from 50 – 70 people. Behind the bar Wednesday through Saturday is Rob, he’s knowledgeable and great at making sure your drinks are never empty.
Location: 3221 Folsom Boulevard, Sacramento, CA 95816
Ages:  21+

4. Bunz & Company is more than just a sports bar; it’s a tribute to the history of the NFL. Bunz & Company was opened by Dan Bunz in 1984. Bunz is most noted for “the stop”, a hit that ultimately led to the 49ers Super Bowl XVI victory. The rustic feel of the bar is subtle, yet adorned by NFL memorabilia, including jerseys signed by Joe Montana and Dwight Clark. They have three seating areas containing 18 TVs ranging from 32 to 72 inches. Combine that with delicious food and you have yourself a winner.
Location: 311 Judah Street, Roseville, CA 95678
Ages: All ages.

5. Players in Fair Oaks is a sports lover’s dream. The bar consists of 36 TVs ranging from 32 to 72 inches, with sports everywhere you look. Also available is a 120-inch projection screen, 11 satellites, and an X-Box. Tanya, one of the waitresses, is great at making sure your drinks are full. Accompanied by good food this place is worth the stop.
Location: 4060 Sunrise Blvd, Fair Oaks, CA 95628
Ages: 21+


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