ARC offers pledge with Beavers Against Hate

The ARC community is taking a stand against hate, and instead encouraging equity


Beavers Against Hate allows you to pledge your support, through the American River College website in the spring semester of 2022. (Photo via Unsplash)

Beavers Against Hate is a college-wide initiative for all students and faculty to join. It is a commitment to uphold standards of social justice, equity, and doing right for our community. 

According to Scott Crow, American River College’s public information officer, the goal is to come together and state clearly, and unequivocally, that hate should not be on the ARC. We should advance love, solidarity, and community in the face of hate. 

Beavers Against Hate started in spring 2021 when teachers and students noticed all the hate happening in the world at large. This group said it believed that the college needed to take a stand against the hate in the world and make it clear to the public they were against it. 

“Our hope is that all members of the college community are part of Beavers Against Hate, and do everything in their power to support ARC’s goals,” Melanie Dixon, President of ARC said in an email to the Current. “While college leadership is in many ways the visible ‘face’ of Beavers Against Hate, the idea is that everyone takes responsibility for doing all they can to have a zero-tolerance policy against hate.”

All students and staff are able to make a pledge through the ARC website by filling out an information sheet to make it official. 

According to the ARC website, pledging is a commitment to creating a safe and welcoming community for all. After pledging, they encourage students and staff to come back and explain any actions they took. 

The website also has a section where students and faculty are able to report discrimination, actions of hate, and more by reaching out to ARC’s Equity Officer BJ Snowden.

“Every day, we see encouraging signs in our college community,” Dixon said. “However, the vital work of diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice is ongoing and we must never relax our vigilance in the battle against hate.”

According to Crow, the founders have a continual dialogue about ways to make the commitment to social justice a deeper part of the community. The goal is to advance love, solidarity, and community in the face of hate. 

To show support to Beavers Against Hate use the hashtag or tag @ARCNewsToday on Instagram or Twitter.