HomeBase is back on campus

HomeBase provides a Hub for students


Since the fall 2020 semester, at American River College, HomeBase has appeared on many students’ Canvas homepage, acting as an academic guide for new and continuing students. In the spring of 2022 HomeBase is now also back on campus. (Photo via Brooke Cagle on Unsplash)

Since the fall 2020 semester, HomeBase has appeared on many students’ Canvas homepage, acting as an academic guide for new and continuing students. HomeBase is now also in a physical space on the American River College campus, but it is still being offered on Zoom and Canvas. 

“HomeBases are welcoming spaces for students to engage with a success team,” Kristin Farlow, student support specialist HomeBase coach, said in an email to the Current. “We are offering an inclusive space to engage with like-minded students to accomplish their goals in a timely fashion.”

HomeBase is now back on the ARC campus, located in Davies Hall, room 103 or 104. They are available Mondays from 12-3 p.m., Tuesday/Thursday from 9 a.m.- noon, and Wednesday from 9 a.m.-6 p.m. They are also still available online and through Zoom.

During the Feb. 11 Associated Student Body meeting, many of its members voiced their concern about what HomeBase is and how it should be supporting them.

“I realized why I didn’t understand what HomeBase was now because my HomeBase is for public health and I thought everyone was for public health,” says ASB member Dominique Jacqueline  “I thought it was like an ARC Hub for people’s public health and I didn’t know it was for majors.”

 Farlow says that students are assigned to HomeBases based on their major and similar areas of interest. However, it can sometimes be challenging for students who are undeclared and planning to transfer to a four-year college. It is key to have a major selected. 

The overall goal for HomeBase is to be a one-stop shop for students to be assisted, pointed in the right direction and given resources. Their overall team includes a successful team of coaches, assigned counselors, peer mentors, faculty liaisons and more.

“It is a network for students that might not have a network, that might do the ‘I’m working full time’ or ‘I have kids, jobs or family members to take care of,” said Brett Sawyer, ASB advisor in the Feb. 11 ASB meeting. “They can get up to date on stuff because this campus is so big, there is no way a student could possibly know everything that is going on.” 

According to Farlow, the Canvas HomeBase is built so students are able to find links from one spot, like making counseling appointments, petitioning to graduate, connecting with the transfer center and more. It is a “house” where you can go to get questions answered, tips and recordings for common frustrations. 

“We welcome the opportunity any faculty can offer to HomeBase coaches to come to a class and share who we are and what we do, or post an announcement in their own Canvas class,” Farlow said. “We also want to support and promote all the faculty and classes in our HomeBases.”