Pie your professor for Pi Day

The STEM Center will celebrate Pi Day with indoor and outdoor activities, including a “Pie Your Professor” fundraiser, put on by the Women in STEM Club on March 14, 2019. (Photo illustration by Alexis Warren)

Math geeks come together annually on March 14 in celebration of “Pi Day,” because of its significance in the mathematics community for being a never ending constant.

The mathematical celebrations that happen on Pi Day often include simply eating pie, but this year American River College Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics, or STEM Center, has a full agenda planned.

The activities include an art competition, reciting the most digits in pi, pieing professors in the face and “pin the tail on the Pi,” according to math professor Matthew Register. Pi-themed prizes courtesy of the Design Hub will be given out to the winners.

The art competition, along with other indoor math-related activities, will take place in the STEM Center, located in Portable Village Room 603B.

“We’ve had [the art competition] in past years and people have done some amazing things. They’ve made wedding dresses and welding statues, and so we never know what we’re going to get,” Register said.

The Women in STEM Club is in charge of the “Pi Your Professor” activity, which will take place outside of the STEM Center as long as rainy weather doesn’t interfere. All proceeds will support Women in STEM and its K12 Outreach efforts, according to an email sent out by Register.

Helene Nehrebecki, John Aubert, Matthew Register, Angela Romo, Alaina Gibbons are the five professors who have volunteered to be pied in the face. To add the cherry on top, ARC president Thomas Greene has also signed up to be pied in the face.

Everything will be provided to those who want to participate. There will be free slices of pie and pi-themed pastries for STEM majors.

These activities are open to ARC students and will take place from noon to 3 p.m., according to the ARC Academics and Events Calendar.

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