Students learn to make proper resumes

Creating a professional and informative resume can be challenging for students. Whether they have no prior experience, are looking for a new job, or are changing fields entirely, students can make their own resumes better at a resume workshop at American River College. (Photo illustration by Tracy Holmes)

On Thursday, the Career and Pathways program will host a resume workshop in Davies Hall, Room 112 from 1 to 2 p.m. to help students spruce up their resumes and write cover letters.

A resume reflects a job applicant’s individuality. The workshop will focus on the physical appearance of the resume, including different formats, the type of information to include and tips on writing an effective cover letter, according to the event calendar on the American River College website.

Ryan Fredrickson, a design and engineering technology major, said he had to use Google and do research to write his resume. He expects that the workshop will help him finish it.

The workshop is meant to help students succeed in piecing together information to help seek employment.

“It would be helpful, I had no idea how to set [a resume] up,” Fredrickson said. “[I] didn’t know what to put down. A workshop would be very beneficial.”


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Tracy Holmes is a second year student on the Current. She is an editor of the opinion section and assistant photo editor and a third year American River College student. Tracy is a journalism major. After finishing her AA/AS degree and certificate requirements, she plans to transfer to a California State University, Sacramento in the spring of 2019 to work on her bachelors of arts degree.

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