CAEB holds canned food drive at Club Day


Clubs and Events Board president Justin Nicholson (left) works at the canned food drive with vice president Mary Stedman (right). They were handing out popcorn and coolectiong canned food items for hungrt students. (Photo by Mychael Jones)

Jared Smith

Club Day was held in front of the ARC book store in the quad on Nov. 17. The event was brought together by the ARC Clubs and Events Board (CAEB) who was also hosting a canned food drive during the event.

The food drive, which is running through Dec. was also taking coats for the cold winter.

CAEB president, Justin Nicholson, said that the canned food drive would ideally continue into Jan.

CAEB plans to give out the cans around campus once they figure out the locations to do so. They plan to continue the food drive until they can get a program for a food pantry set in place.

Student senate passed a resolution on Tuesday urging administration to aid in creating a food pantry on campus

The Center for Leadership and Development across from Starbucks in the Student Center will be taking any cans or coat donations.

There were several clubs attending including the Medieval Battle Club, the ARC Research Club, ARC PSI Beta Club, Muslim Student Association Club, Phi Beta Kappa, UNITE, Undocumented and Unafraid Club, and CAEB.

The goal of club day is for the attending clubs to get their message out and recruit new students to join their clubs.

ARC student, Wendy Callejas said that she likes how students can “interact with different clubs and ideas.”

ARC student, and Undocumented and Unafraid Club president, Juan Maciel Montoya weighed in on what he likes about club day.

“I like the welcoming environment and how (club day) brings everyone together regardless of differing views,” said Montoya.

Along with the clubs there was food and games at the event to peak student’s interest.

Among the food there was a booth called “Farm Fresh to You” that advertises fresh organic produce for students.

“Farm Fresh to You” is a program that students can subscribe to for fresh organic produce. You choose the frequency you get a crate of produce delivered to you, and you choose how much you get.

“We are literally the best,” said Alexander Thomas, who was there representing “Farm Fresh to You.”