CDC hosts bake sale benefiting class pets

American River College's Child Development Center runs a bake sale in front of their building on Mar. 30, 2016 (Photo by Timon Barkley)

The American River College Child Development Center (CDC) held a bake sale Tuesday in front of the playground to raise funds to pay for class pet expenses like food, living habitats and other resources.

Cole Horrell, who is eight years old and a former preschooler from the center, was at the stand selling baked goods to anyone who passed by.  

There were cookies, brownies, muffins, and snickerdoodles for sale.

Horrell said, “We have raisin (cookies), two for $1, and here we have chocolate and white chocolate.”

Deseree Colquhoun, a second year ARC student, said “I think it’s so cute that they have a bake sale to support class pets.”

“Most of the parents donated the goods and a few of the teacher did as well.” said Valerie Hoyt, an intern teacher at the center and Horrell’s mother.

There is a bake sale once every semester to raise the funds.

The CDC doesn’t have a set budget so whenever they need something, usually the school will donate to help out.

The nursing program does a collection for the CDC to help as well.  

The animals that the funds go to are two chickens named Boom Boom and Chicka, small birds, snails, walking stick bugs, a turtle and fish.  

In every classroom there is a fishtank, and some classes even have birds.

“We like to have fish in each class so that the kids can learn how to feed them and as they get older they can clean the tanks.” said Michelle Kiefer, the CDC supervisor.

Parents can join the Junior Beavers booster organization to help support the CDC too.  

Children can also sign up on a list to take home the class pets and care for them.  

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