ARC celebrates Pi Day 2016


Garey Hollenbeck, Math Club President at American River College participated in the pie eating and won on March 14, 2016. (Photo by Bailey Carpenter)

Sharriyona Platt

The mathematics department at American River College celebrated Pi Day on Monday with an art contest, pie eating contest, games and a Pi digit reciting contest.

Students and faculty gathered in the Liberal Arts area near Davies Hall to participate in the event.

Mathematics professor Rocio Owens was on hand administering the event with help from mathematics professor Shelly Hollenbeck.

“It’s important to discuss with students what Pi Day means to us, and that’s what today is about,” Hollenbeck said. “We want students to see that math is everywhere, not just in the classroom.”

Students submitted artwork which was put on display for participants and passersby to vote on.

ARC student Patricia J. Thorpe won the art contest with 34 votes for her wedding dress piece “mathematical marriage”.

The gown featured the Pi symbol on the front, 3.14 on the veil and the word Pi on the bouquet.

Ten year old ARC student Tiara Abraham won the Pi digit reciting contest and said she had a goal of reciting 400 digits.

“Last year I did 314, now I’m aiming for 400,” Abraham said. “It’s fun for me, I’m going to keep practicing to get better.”

Abraham and her 12 year old brother Tanishq are the youngest students to ever attend ARC. Tanishq graduated last year with 3 associate degrees.

Math Club President, Garey Fleman, was in attendance and won the pie eating contest.

“This is for the math club,” Fleman said before the contest began.

Winners received tumbler cups, meal vouchers, t-shirts and a puzzle as their prizes.

Owens expressed her appreciation to everyone who participated in the event and deemed it a success.

“We had a great turn out,” Owens said. “The art pieces were great and the pie eating contest was really exciting.”

“I look forward to next year,” Owens said.