ARC horticulture has Thanksgiving-themed floral sale


A close up of of one of several arrangements that were offered in a sale hosted by American River College's horticulture department on Thursday. The floral sale was Thanksgiving and fall themed. (Photo by Michael Pacheco)

Michael Pacheco

Thanksgiving and fall were the theme at the American River College Horticulture department’s latest floral sale, with the arrangements on sale based on the holiday and the season.

“(They’re) usually themed to the season,” said Nina Raleigh, one of the clerks. “At the moment we use pumpkins, and other fall crops.”

Floral sales are held every Thursday from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in the Student Center throughout the semester.

The arrangements are mostly flower basket arrangements in many different sizes with various fall flowers and the occasional small pumpkin with some of the baskets.

The colorful centerpieces were on display around the various tables in the corner of the cafeteria that the sale took place at, with prices ranging from $10 to $15.

For the kind of centerpieces being created with real plants, the prices offered by the Horticulture department at ARC are modest compared to what can be bought in retail.

“It’s not really making a profit, it is more of a learning experience,” said Jamie Decoudreaux, who assisted with the sale. “So we keep the prices at a minimum range, and it goes back to the program to keep it going.”

Throughout the day, according to assistant Jamie Decoudreaux, the designs turned out to be very popular, and sold well.

“We are having very good sales today, they have been very popular designs,” Decoudreaux said. “The students make them each week and you get a great deal since they are priced very reasonably.”

The arrangements made each week are usually based on an example arrangement made by the instructor, which the students then base their own arrangements on the available crops.

“They base their arrangement selections with their curriculum, which determines what they make that week,” said Marianne Sala an instructional assistant for the Horticulture department. “They try to focus on the holidays and the themes associated with them.”

A sale will not take place this week due to the college being closed to observe the Thanksgiving holiday.