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Dr. Emilie Mitchell came over from Sacramento State where she taught in the Psychology department. She has taught at UC Davis as well. (Photo by Stephanie Lee)

Human Sexuality is a course that tends to be very popular, particularly among the younger generation. The American River College course catalog describes the class as an “overview of sexual behavior from birth to adulthood.” However, Dr. Emilie Mitchell, Human Sexuality professor, describes the class as “the scientific study of sexual behavior.”

Yet with so many young adults having little to no knowledge of sexual behavior, Mitchell says she “hopes this class will help them better understand and accept their own behavior.”  The way Mitchell chooses to teach her class is quite different from other professors. Podcasting her 7:30 a.m. class and uploading it to Desire2Learn gives her 9 a.m. class a different perspective and scenarios on the topic for that day.

Anyssa Velasquez, biological science major, says, “This is a required class for me, but I am learning stuff about my own body that I didn’t know.”

While some students upon hearing the course title think of penises and vaginas, Velasquez insists this class “is very little about the act of sex itself.” So does this mean the topic of female or male genitalia won’t be covered?

The textbook, “Our Sexuality,” alone would make anyone blush. Flip open to page 50 and you’re looking at color photos of the female vagina. But that’s not all this course will cover during the semester. The topics of gender issues, sexual arousal, sexual orientations, contraception, sexual health, and the brain are explored.

“I hope to find ways to keep myself and my family healthy,” says Velasquez, “As well as learn how to treat disease.”

The Human Sexuality course is offered every semester and does not require a prerequisite class. It is also transferrable to a University of California or California State University.

So while this course might make your face turn red, some think it’s worth the feeling you get upon completion of the class.


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