AR Current editor earns publication in national writing textbook

Arts and culture editor of the American River Current, Josh Baumbach, is being published in the college writing textbook “Real Skills.”

The textbook company, Bedford/St. Martin’s, began research for their newest edition by reviewing college newspapers to find articles worthy of being included in the book. In the fall 2011 semester, Baumbach wrote an article titled “Top Five Worst Facebook Habits,” about what not to do while on the social networking site. He was recently notified by the publishing company of their interest in printing his article and was asked if he had any advice for other students.

“Apparently, I’m giving pointers to aspiring writers; it’s funny because I am an aspiring writer myself,” Baumbach said.

When questioned about any additional advice he had, Baumbach offered, “If you see something you have an opinion about, or are passionate about, write about it. Worst-case scenario, you have it for yourself.”

Baumbach practices what he preaches. He had pushed for the Facebook article to be printed in The Current three times last semester before the story was published. Baumbach’s passion for the topic and love for writing made his article stand out to more than just the students. The textbook company was “very impressed” as well and excited to include the article in the newest edition scheduled to be published next year.

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